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He is the perfect presidential candidate. Conservatives love his hard-hitting Republican résumé. Liberals love his passion for peaceful diplomacy. The media can’t get enough of his larger-than-life personality. Regular folks can identify with his larger-than-life physique. And all the American people love that he’s an honest, hard-working man who tells it like it is. There’s just one problem: He is William Howard Taft . . . and he was already U.S. president a hundred years ago. So what on earth is he doing alive and well and considering a running mate in 2012?

Jason Heller’s extraordinary debut novel presents the Vonnegut-esque satire of a presidential Rip Van Winkle amid 21st-century media madness. It’s the ultimate what-if scenario for the 2012 election season!


For all the bibliophiles in our lives we present the Library Collection. Pairing favorite quotes with exquisite fragrances, we pay homage to the literary greats.

Robert K. Massie is the the Pulitzer Prize–winning author of Peter the Great, Nicholas and Alexandra, and The Romanovs returns with another masterpiece of narrative biography, the extraordinary story of an obscure young German princess who traveled to Russia at fourteen and rose to become one of the most remarkable, powerful, and captivating women in history. Buy it from us online and save 15% https://metropolisbooksla.mybooksandmore.com/MBM/actions/searchHandler.do?userType=MLB&tabID=ALL&itemNum=ITEM:3&key=0009494113&nextPage=booksDetails&parentNum=11682

New Year, New You…

Why not try something different? A genre that perhaps you’ve never picked up? I highly recommend Jack McDevitt, a Nebula award-winning author of several series. The series I’m hooked at the moment  are the Priscilla ‘Hutch’ Hutchins Novels. There are currently six novels in the series. I always feel late to the party, but I can’t put these novels down…If you’ve never read any sci-fi, you are missing out…Do yourself a favor and pick up the first one. ‘The Engines of God’. You won’t regret it.

Happy New Year!


A mystery set in the twenties with Dorothy Parker as the sleuth? What’s not to love? I highly reccomend these novels by J.J. Murphy..Product Murder Your Darlings

A desk I could love…

A cool vintage desk/trunk from Restoration Hardware…









Summary: Museum of Thieves Now available in paperback. Goldie Roth lives in the tyrannical city of Jewel , where impatience is a sin, and boldness is a crime. Frustrated, Goldie bravely runs away. She finds herself in the mysterious Museum of Dunt , where she meets a boy named Toadspit, and discovers the museum holds terrible and thrilling secrets. Only a thief can understand its strange, shifting rooms, and fortunately, Goldie has a talent for thieving. When the Blessed Guardians have plans for the museum that threaten the lives of everyone Goldie loves, it will take a daring thief to stop them.